Looking For Native English-Speaking Volunteers

by Đặng Lan Anh
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Great Opportunity For Those Who Love Children And Want to Experience Vietnamese Culture

You are a foreign tourist to Vietnam? Or you are a high shool graduate on a Gap-Year trip? A college student on long vacation? Or you are working for an international organization in Vietnam?

Whoever you are, we believe that from your heart, you have a big love for our country and aspire to discover Vietnam’s beautiful scenery, culture and the Vietnamese’s daily life!

This interesting project will help you truly get an insight into Vietnam – our amazing country – not only through pictures or books as you did.

And the best part of it is you will have chance to go around Hanoi with many adorable Vietnamese children and give meaningful support to them.

About us

This project is held by Tomokid English Center for children in Hanoi.

You can get further information about TomoKid at the link

In our upcoming plan, some outdoor classes combining with visit to the most famous places in Hanoi will be arranged. We really need some native English-speaking volunteers to travel with our children and support them with English.

About the project

1. Time: 2 hours for each place

2. Place: We will take children to go visit these expected places:

– Vietnam Museum Of Ethnology

– Vietnam Museum Of Fine Art

– Hoan Kiem Lake – Hanoi Old Streets

– Duong Lam Old Village

– Bat Trang Pottery Village

And likely some more places that we are considering.

Do you want to join us?

1. The only requirement: You use English as mother tongue or the second language.

2. The benefits you will surely get:

– Discovering Vietnam’s beautiful scenery, people, food, tradition,..in both city and countryside.

– Cultural exchange with Vietnamese friends and children in Tomokid

– Experience the daily life of a local Vietnamese.

– Chance to coorperate with TomoKid in the next special projects.

– Chance to become our teacher in the future if you have the need.

– TomoKid will give you informational support if you come to Vietnam for work, study,….

How to register?

We are looking forward to your participation so much.

To join with us, please write down your information here:

For questions or other requests, contact us by email: info@tomokid.com



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